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Student Athlete Solutions

Specialty Insurance Solutions is a leader in developing and providing insurance products for intercollegiate athletic programs across the United States and from every major athletic association – NCAA, NAIA, NJCAA and NCCAA. Specialty Insurance Solutions is happy to work direct with individual colleges and universities or with an institution’s selected insurance consultant or broker. We provide basic athletic accident medical coverage, catastrophic injury insurance and unique products for international athletes and athletes without primary insurance. Let us show you what a difference decades of experience can do for your athletic insurance program.

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Student Accident Shield

Student Accident Shield is a blanket accident insurance plan that provides coverage for all enrolled students. This unique product encompasses up to three types of coverage: 24-hour accident coverage, intercollegiate sports accident coverage and AD&D benefits. Starting premiums can be as low as $1 per month per student. This program will not only help protect students from the medical expenses of accidental injuries, it will be viewed and respected by students, parents and the community as a true benefit of being an enrolled student at your institution.

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Student Athlete Primary Accident Medical Insurance

Subject to approval, institutions participating in an excess/secondary intercollegiate basic athletic accident medical program offered through Specialty Insurance Solutions may elect to enroll in the Primary Blanket Accident Insurance Plan outlined in the link below. This optional primary program was developed to assist those institutions that have implemented (or would like to implement) a primary insurance requirement to control costs.

Primary Blanket Accident Program for Uninsured Athletes


International Student Accident and Sickness Programs

International students require specific coverage for when they become ill or are injured including participation in intercollegiate sports activities. Specialty Insurance Solutions offers programs that include accident, sickness and sports accident coverage for international students that exceeds their Visa requirements. Click on the link below to learn more about this coverage and to enroll your international students.

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Individual Health Insurance

Many colleges and universities require primary insurance for all student-athletes to participate in intercollegiate sports. Ideally, a plan that provides both health and accident insurance benefits (including intercollegiate sports coverage) is preferable. Specialty Insurance Solutions recommends a Short-Term Medical Plan from Allied Pivot Health. The Allied Pivot Health plan provides the following benefits:

  • Up to $1,000,000 in benefits per coverage period
  • Provides coverage for Intercollegiate Sports Injuries up to the selected benefit level
  • Various Coinsurance options as low as 20%**
  • Various Deductible options as low as $1,000**
  • Freedom to choose any doctor or hospital – no networks
  • Ability to purchase up to four back-to-back 90-Day certificates at one time.
  • Pre-existing Condition clause does not follow the insured if four back-to-back 90-Day certificates are purchased up front. If not, Pre-existing Condition clause is in place.

**Specialty Insurance Solutions recommends that colleges and universities suggest to their student-athletes that they select the lowest coinsurance (20%) option and lowest deductible ($1,000) option to minimize expenses to the institution’s basic athletic accident insurance plan.

Due to Department of Insurance Regulations and insurance carrier preferences, Short-Term Medical plan designs and exclusions are continually in flux. We suggest that you thoroughly review the policy on a regular basis to make sure there or no changes prior to a student-athletes’ enrollment. If you have any questions prior to purchasing this product, please contact Specialty Insurance Solutions for assistance. You can reach us at to have one of our specialists evaluate your current situation and determine if the Allied Pivot Health plan would meet your needs. This program is not available in all States.
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